Best window shades for privacy

Choosing the best window shades for privacy and comfort

Getting some private time with your loved ones or yourself, can be difficult in the fast paced culture where we are used to oversharing. When work is harsh and tedious, or emotionally draining, all we really want to do is get back to our nest and spend the rest of the day/night with our loved ones and family. As cities all across the world are bulging with population increases, it’s hard to find that peaceful environment where on could find peace of mind, and that’s when the privacy window treatments can make a big difference. When properly chosen and installed, privacy can be achieved by covering your outdoor spaces and windows with the right shades . This can guarantee unsurpassed privacy and separate your home from the street and keep any prying eyes out. Contact a professional blinds company to learn more about privacy features.

The Ideal Privacy Shade

First and foremost, privacy shades and blinds are opaque and don’t allow you to see through them, they are also close enough together that they don’t allow for there to be anything seen inside even if there was a light that was lit on the inside. These are an ideal option for places like washrooms, bedrooms, or rooms that face a neighbour or the street. They keep you from being seen from the outside environment.

Blinds for the Bedroom

Bedrooms are places where we are supposed to feel the most comfortable in, as we leave the outside world out and keep our space inside private and comfortable. It’s going to be the most important room for you to treat the windows for. They have to offer the privacy, but also be capable of creating the blackout effect inside and it has to be a treatment that fairs well in all weather.

Getting sound sleep during the night is paramount to re-energizing and waking up to face the day. Melatonin is created in your body when the sun is no longer out and night has taken over. It is important to have this dark room so that your body can produce the melatonin efficiently. Unfortunately even the slightest breach of light can hinder your bodies ability to produce this awesome hormone which also helps in the prevention of other diseases as well. Your whole sleep can be disrupted even with the slightest amount of light as it can mess around with your REM sleep and can leave you unsatisfied in the morning.

shades that let light in but keep privacy

Here are a few choices for this particular task:

Crystalpleat Blackout Cellular Shades/ Cordless Top Down Bottom Up

Cellular shades are at the pinnacle in performance of light control and comfort. On a fair budget you can acquire a set of these beautiful cellular shades and have maximum control over energy saving and privacy.

-These shades block out radiant heat coming from the sun, which in turn will help in controlling your energy bills.

-Block out any ambient light and set the mood to solidify a better sleep.

-Have a great movie night or finish that project on you computer as roller shades are very efficient glare reducers. Work in a comfortable environment on a glaring hot day.

Draperies/ Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds fair the best in climates of extreme humidity and heat, as they are synthetic and aren’t affected by the moisture. As well as if it’s the natural look you are going for in your home, then faux wood is one of the best solutions for your bedroom windows. Easy to manage and very economical, they are very suitable for homes with young active children and pets. However when there is a larger size slat, these blinds can compromise your privacy and for this reason w recumbent doing a layer of draperies with faux wood on top, you’ll come out with a contemporary look with superior privacy. Faux wood are super easy to maintain as they are a polymer and don’t have as many restrictions with which cleaning products can be used on them as wood does.

-Being crack, warp and rot resistant, they are an extremely good choice for those heavy humid climates.

-They can also be crown faux wood which is made up of a material that is certified GreenGuard and will not combust so there is no fear of flames or gassing.

Blackout Roller Shades

People generally don’t want to compromise comfort and style when choosing window coverings for their bedrooms, and this poses some confusion for people as there aren’t that many choices when looking to satisfy both. Roller shades however bring elegance, and simple design where there is a fine selection of decorative fabrics which also double as solar screens and they range from modern design and colour palates to natural textures. These are some of the features that may make these the best choice for you.

-Flame retardant, non-toxic, fragrance free

-UV reducing as they are often made with sunscreen material

-Complete light blockers, and therefore they allow for a good nights rest

-Glare reducers which allows for movie watching or working on a computer during a bright hot day.

Blackout Roman Shades

Teardrop and flat drop are the two main styles that roman shades come in. Teardrop shades have folds in the fabric that create a look that resembles a teardrop, and flat drop are of a continuous piece of fabric.

Compared to traditional shading, roman shades have a continuous look and don’t have spaces between the slates which ultimately offers more privacy. They are excellent when trying to cover unusually shaped windows.

Outdoor Privacy Shades, What’s The Best Option?

Enjoying the outdoors is something that cant be compared with when it comes to relaxation. This is a known fact, and yet there is a bit of a problem concerning climate change, which means insulating your outdoor space  becomes crucial.

Exterior shades are the best at achieving a secure outdoor privacy. These shades originated in the south of Europe as a way of cooling down a building and providing some privacy as well. Additionally outdoor shades bring unsurpassed privacy and offer up to %15 more insulation to heat and are excellent blockers of UV radiations.

Give us a call and we can find the most appropriate solution for your unique home.